Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lollies anyone?

Each year for the past three years I've been helping my cousins make Christmas stockings filled with lollies for the children in our family. However each stocking had been hand cut out and with 40 to do it became quite a chore for my Aunty. 

But with the introduction of the Holiday Stocking Bigz L Die I was able to cut out 41 stockings in less than half an hour, and with the help of my three year old; who loves playing with my Big Shot.
The Holiday Stocking Die is located on page 193 of our catalogue and retails at $67.95 NZ$.

I used the small chocolate's to stuff each stocking along with some hard and soft lollies. The mesh was only $6.30 for 2 meters and made 41 stockings.

Below is a picture of my three year old son having fun cutting out the stockings, plus the end results.


  1. Any room in your family for another 'kid'!! These look fantastic. Love the new look of your blog :)

  2. Thanks Paula, one of my photographic images I took last week for my blog background. And there is always room for more kids.

  3. Wow impressive stuff. Great stockings.

  4. think I'll look loningly in the windows they look awesome